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The industry is facing an increasing demand for a non-stop production, accompanied with high flexibility and safety requirements. This implicates an important market for instant services on support, error diagnostics and reconfiguration of industrial robot systems, to assure a non-stop production for the end users. PPM Robotics AS (Norway) and YUJIN Mechatronics Ltd (South Korea) developed an "intelligent Versatile Avatar Robot" (iVAR), to make profit out of this trend, and to establish a sustainable long-term collaborative business.

The iVAR project was carried out by the following partners:

  • PPM Robotics AS, Norway
  • YUJIN Mechatronics Ltd, South Korea
  • Narvik University College, Norway
  • Kyungpook National University, South Korea

iVAR offered the following services:

  • Supporting the local end-user during training and reconfiguration of the robot system
  • Providing intelligent, easy accessible user- and system documentation including FAQ
  • Carrying out remote error-monitoring, logging, and intelligent diagnostics
  • Mobile inspection and diagnostics

The project was successfully accomplished during 2015-2018 and was financed through the EUROSTARS! Programme, by The Norwegian Research Council (NRC), The Hungarian National Research, Development, and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT).

For more info, please download this article.