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Service robots

Let's go for modular technology with industrial quality

PPM Robotics AS has more than 20 years' experience of delivering innovative, high-tech robot solutions to industry. From this we know the importance of product quality and reliability, in order to achieve the expected results for the end customer. This, also to keeping the system's expected performance, day by day, during the next years!

After two years of investigation, PPM found a service robot manufacturer with the required focus on performance, quality, and reliability. Consequently, PPM became shareholder and development partner KOMPAÏ Robotics AS, in France. Currently PPM and KOMPAÏ are working together to developing state-of-the art technology which is included into the new generation of KOMPAÏ's service robots, presented below

The robots include an intelligent control system containing automatic navigation, application functions, language selection and artificial, social skills.

The robots can easily be configured for various applications. For the add-on, application specific devices, please, contact us.