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The industrial trend is open, fenceless robot systems to allow easy access for humans to the robot cell, to assist and collaborate when desired. However, this poses challenges related to safety, human comfort, and operation functionality.

Safety Monitoring System (SAM) offers this functionality by utilizing state-of-the-art object sensing technology to develop a complete low-cost, add-on system with cutting-edge functionality for human safety and comfort of open robot systems.

The SAM4ROB project was carried out by the following partners:

  • PPM Robotics AS, Norway
  • F&P Robotics AG, Switzerland
  • YUJIN Mechatronics Ltd, South Korea
  • DLM Kft, Hungary
  • Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

SAM can cover a single robot cell or a factory, and contain the following modules:

  • SAM Detector; A radar and vision-based solution for zone monitoring and motion tracking
  • SAM Processor; An add-on software, to enable the safety and comfort related functions to a standard robot controller
  • SAM Bridge; An on-the-fly production scheduling solution synchronizing robot cell controllers and Manufacturing Executive Systems, in order to included the safety related incidents into the production planning

The project was successfully accomplished during 2018-2020 and was financed through the EUROSTARS! Programme, by The Norwegian Research Council (NRC), The Hungarian National Research, Development, and Innovation Office (NRDI), The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation (SERI), and Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT).

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