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The multifunctional KOMPAÏ robot helps patients and their carers to combat the spread of COVID 19 in hospitals and nursing homes, in the SYRIACO project. The target was to demonstrate that a multi-functional service robot is the best and most sustainable approach in COVID-19 situations, where protocols are not the same from one organization to another one. When the pandemic ends, the robots can return to their regular operations, and they can be quickly mobilized and re-affected in case of emergency.

The SYRIACA project was carried out by the following partners:

  • KOMPAI robotics (France)
  • Clinic Humana (Spain)
  • IRCCS Casa Sollievo della
  • Sofferenza (Italy)
  • AKTIOS Elderly Care Units (Greece)

The project was successfully accomplished during 2022-2023 and was financed through the Digital Innovation Hub Healthcare Robotics, (DIH) Program to the European Commission.

For more info, please visit SYRIACA's website or download the video.